French version




It is a variant of the KO system described in the book "Knock-Out Blackjack" by Olaf Vancura and Ken Fuchs.

The game variation indices, including insurance, are in 3 groups (0, +6, +12) and are multiples of 6, hence the name of the system.
IRCs are shifted accordingly : -16 for 6 decks and -23 for 8 decks.

Betting ramp

It varies according to the rules and the number of decks. It is calculated with CVCX but usually starts around 0
Optimal boom varies slightly with penetration but a single ramp is used with 75% penetration

An example with a classic French game:


And the loss of performance compared to an optimized ramp according to the penetration ...

Perte de performance


Insurance is taken at +6 as the main group.
After 2 decks, we exit if the count is not at least -10 (IRC + 6) with 6 decks and -20 (IRC + 3) with 8 decks.